CASPER The Ceremonial Association of Surrey Police (CASPER)

  • Represent Surrey Police and the British Police service in the highest standard of dress. Instill a sense of pride and respect for Her Majesty’s uniform within the greater public arena through ‘active’ participation in Ceremonial, Civic, Colour / Honour Guard and Pall bearing duties not only within the Surrey Police area, but also Nationally and Internationally.
  • With permission and regarding the wishes of the family, pay due respect to comrades who have died in the line of duty or in retirement by providing advice and assistance in pall bearing and Colour /Honour guard duties.
  • Pay due respect and homage to those from the historic Constabulary’s who formed Surrey Police, current organisation and general British Police Service who have died in the various theatres of conflict or in the line of duty.
  • Show support to the various organisations that continue and strive to support those who have suffered through war as well as organisations that support Police members and families. Namely; Normandy Veterans Association, Royal British Legion, Police Unity Memorial Association, National Police Memorial etc
  • Continue to develop friendship, allegiances and respect amongst the international Police, Military, associate Law enforcement agencies and the civilian community, both nationally and internationally.

Other Parades and events of note

  • Remembrance Sunday Parade, Brookwood cemetery (British and Allied)
  • Remembrance Sunday Parade , Brookwood cemetery (American)

These events are attended by various official bodies. For example, members of the various relevant Royal Households, or Presidential Office; High Ranking Military, Police, Civil officials, Local Dignitaries, National and International press.

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